Reward Your Dog with The Irresistible Taste & Raw Food Nutrition They Naturally Crave!

✓ 98% Meat, Organs and Bone

✓ Cage-Free Proteins

✓ No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

✓ No Grains; No Gluten

✓ Less Than 3 Calories Per Nugget

✓ Perfect for Training and Every Day Rewards!

Oven Baked with Love

The first biscuit treats that truly mirror a whole prey diet! Starting with the world’s finest ingredients, we gently baked with love in small batches and finally, we coat every biscuit in raw goodness to make the perfect treat!

✓ Gently Oven-Baked

✓ Coated in Freeze-Dried Raw Goodness

✓ Rich in Meat and Organ Meat

✓ Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, and Potato-Free

Irresistible Treats Made with Just ONE Ingredient!

✓ 1 Source of Protein

✓ Freeze-Dried Raw

✓ 1 Simple Ingredient

✓ Grain and Gluten-Free

✓ No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

✓ Made in Our Own USA Kitchen

✓ Ideal for Dogs with Food Sensitivities

✓ Perfect for Training and Treat!

Butcher-Shop Quality Treats that will make your dog go wild!

✓ All Natural, 100% Freeze-Dried Raw

✓ Grain-Free; No Fillers

✓ 97% Muscle Meat and Organ Meat

✓ Unique Shape and Texture

✓ Made in Our Own USA Kitchen

✓ Perfect for Training and Treating!

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