Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Our brand manager revolves around the ability to constantly adapt and learn. You will never encountered two tasks that are identical, so the job is always about trying to discover tomorrow’s trend and hop on it! You never consider that you have done enough and there is no point in your brand management career in which you should stop asking questions. You will use customer and trend research to create strategies that will change how people perceive the brand. Customers need to be at the core of everything our brand manager does. You have to work hard to ensure that a brand remains recognizable, up to date and exciting to our customers and our potential clients.

You’re a solution orientated social media and creative strategist, with a passion for media, brand and content strategy, You generally like keeping with and consuming social media trends, marketing tactics, and have a deep understanding of all social platforms. You are a quick learner, a great communicator and team player, and love keeping up on the latest newest platform changes and marketing tools. You’re an open and direct communicator; you’re not afraid to throw out an idea or challenge an existing one. You get fired up when a post over indexes on social, and have a rationale as to why.

The task at hand :
  • You’ll execute tactics strategies to grow and scale brands online and offline with impactful content and visual merchandising.
  • You’ll plan and execute brand promotions and launches
  • You’ll increase brand market share through fierce customer loyalty
  • You’ll blow the world away with your copy
The ideal rockstar is/has :
  • Self-motivated and have boundless of positive energy and a growth mindset
  • Out of the world creative and out-of-the-box
  • Able to demonstrate strong knowledge of all major social media platforms
  • Able to effectively run paid social ads, interpret social and commerce analytics to feed more insights and strategies
  • Quick to identify and capitalize on social media content and marketing trends
  • Quick to adopt productivity tools, apps and software
  • Confident in building excel tables and can interpret and analyze social media and paid media analytics
  • Top-notch written and oral communication skills
  • Understands how to make content work for different audiences and different platforms
  • Understands the importance of copywriting for social media posts and advertising
  • Skilled at creating content on their phone
  • Natural and confident on screen
Bonus Skills
  • A history of growing social media profiles and accounts
  • Knowledge of adobe creative suite
  • A Tik Tok maniac
  • Love and passionate about animals

So, what would you bring to our culture? Looking forward to connecting with you.

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